Faded Fruits THC Infused Gummies Strawnana – 500mg


What Are Faded Fruits Strawnana THC infused gummies?

Faded Fruits are extremely potent cannabis-infused gummies that come in assorted flavors.

Strawnana THC-infused gummies taste delicious and have a indica-desirable impact.  Want to get stoney and do it in a yummy way without smoke in your lungs? Try this tasty indica gummy–we are sure you will love them.

What is the THC Content in Faded Fruits Cannabis Infused Gummies?

Each package of Strawnana contains 10 gummies.  The total package contains 500 MG of THC.

What are the Effects of Faded Fruits Strawnana Gummies?

If you love indica gummies, these THC-infused gummies are for you.  Catch up on sleep with a bedtime buzz.

How Do I Order for DC Delivery of Strawnana gummies from DMV Shrooms?

Just click for the number of packages you want, follow the steps, and you will receive a confirmation text with next steps from us when we receive the order.   We offer guaranteed, fast DC weed delivery for your complete satisfaction.