Seremoni Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Marshmallows Edibles


Masterful artisan makers of Seremoni have developed a new and exciting product in the psilocybin edibles market.

These handcrafted dark chocolate marshmallows are an incredibly delicious way to consume your dose. They are fluffy, soft and so chocolatey! They are a great addition to hot chocolates to add a dash of psilocybin and extra sweetness. Or enjoy one by one as they melt in your mouth.

An elevated stake on a classic treat that satisfies your sweet and spiritual craving simultaneously.

These marshmallows are good for microdosing if you have the will power to stop after eating half a marshmallow. Very good for sharing with friends for a fun day or night.

Each package contains 3 grams of magic mushrooms equivalent. There are 15 pieces/doses per packageEach piece contains a dose of 200mg.

Ingredients: sugar, dark chocolate, invert sugar, P.Cubensis, water, gelatin.

Suggested Dosing:

  • Start low and go slow
  • Consumed desired amount
  • Wait 20-40 minutes to feel the effects before consuming more

Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening. Please keep out of reach of children.